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​Specializing in high-profile retail construction projects, we understand the amount of detail that goes into every job. We bring quality work, accuracy, consolidation, and a sense of exclusivity to every job.
Clients entrust Sullivan Construction to manage the roster of project members involved. Showing our high-level of expertise and dedication to even the smallest amount of detail, our clients depend on our proficiency to bring in the project on time and in accordance with the high standards set for us. Always taking into account value engineering, we thrive on challenges, solutions, and tactical planning.                                 
When taking on a project that involves open remodeling, we ensure that the regular routine and procedures of the facility are never disrupted. Our experience in open remodeling has resulted in an incomparable level of trust which speaks to the number of repeat clients we have under our belt. 





Sullivan Construction specializes in building functional yet creative and unique spaces, varying from interior finishes to exterior improvements.

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